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The installation of the wall aluminum veneer how safe?
admin 2017-03-27 2541 time

Many people are concerned about the wall aluminum veneer whether the installation is convenient? How can fast and convenient installation wall aluminum veneer? Install wall aluminum veneer need to pay attention to the following aspects. 

1. The aluminum veneer and accessories to ShiGongDian on transport. 

2. Need to use detergent to aluminum sheet by the aluminum sheet with detergent by indoor surface side and pillar box surface clean, 

3. Then put the whole piece of aluminum veneer through all round Angle code to connect to the keel, fixed go up in keel. 

4. Install wall aluminum sheet when it is important to note that according to the serial number of aluminum veneer for installation in turn. 

5. Aluminum sheet and the connections between the keel must conform to the requirements of the drawings, to solid and reliable, cannot little bolt. 

Installing a wall aluminum veneer as long as pay attention to each link, would be more convenient, save a lot of installation time. 

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