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Aluminum veneer processing technological process
admin 2017-03-31 2227 time

Sheet metal piece 

1. To design a part drawing and draw the sheet metal, also called three view drawing. Its role is to use the drawing way to express the structure of sheet metal parts. (by the scene construction group draw sketch, to our company, by my company technical personnel design deepen) 

2. Draw a diagram. Is part of a complex structure into a flat. (such as triangle, parallelogram, and other irregular referred to the opposite sex of panels are need to draw a diagram, the shape of the punching and carve patterns or designs on woodwork hollow out on the aluminum plate is completed in the process. The process depending on how many set of single straight plate length.) 


3. Computer typesetting nesting material. The graph by computer sorting of different aluminum veneer, arranged in different sizes of plates and has reached the aluminum plate base material utilization. 

4. Straight board programming, irregular aluminum plate graph import program coding, make machine recognition program, waiting for the CNC engraving cutting. 

5. Cutting, cutting, there are many ways of basically has the following several ways: 

1) the shear cutting. Is to use the guillotine cut a figure the shape of the width size. If there are punching and cutting Angle, then punch combination punching and cutting Angle of mould. 

2). Punch cutting. Is the use of punch points step or more open after the tablet on plate parts structure rushed into shape. Its advantage is cost time is short, high efficiency, can reduce processing costs, often used in mass production. With the cooperation of CNC punch in the mold can be rushed out of the special shape of hollow out effect. 

3). CNC engraving machine cutting. CNC engraving machine cutting must first write the nc machining program. When is the use of programming software, the map of writing nc machine tool can identify procedure. Let it step by step according to the program on a piece of aluminum plate, rushed out of the flat structure shape. Process should pay attention to how to layout is reasonable material. 

Press 6. Punch. It's out of the corresponding holes in the aluminum plate according to the drawing, so that installation Angle yards. When assembling process should pay attention to the number of the hole spacing and margins are correct. 

7. Bending. The bending is according to the drawings will be 2 d flat, folded into a 3 d parts. Its processing need a folding bed to complete the operation. It also has the certain bending sequence, its principle is to not interfere with the next knife fold, can produce interference after discount. 

For some bending comparing several bending hair complex or too close to the situation can use CNC slotting machine to some bending for slot processing, and then fold into the Angle of the need. Measure the bending before you open a good length of each side of the raw material is correct, the camber is measured with a protractor after bending is correct. 


8. Volume board: the board that is needed to complete the corresponding curve in CNC machine processing 

9. Welding. Welding is to multiple compound aluminum parts together and achieve the purpose of processing or single seam welding of aluminum plate, in order to increase its strength. Our company welding with argon arc welding of aluminum veneer. 

When need to work out the structure of the aluminum plate is more complex when can be split into several parts, to reach final effect by welding burnish. 

10. Assembly. The so-called assembly is multiple parts or components (aluminum plate, Angle code, stiffener, etc.) according to certain way together, make it become a complete material product. (which is that should pay attention to the protection of the event, not bruised. 

Assembly is a material product after completing the step, to crash injury and cannot be used, if the materials need to redo the redo, will waste a lot of processing time, increase the cost of material goods. So it is important to pay special attention to the protection of materials. 

11. Polishing, and the grinding and polishing of aluminum welding part, make aluminum plate surface smooth level off. 


Spraying article: 

Pretreatment process: aluminum to oil decontamination (pickling for about 10 minutes) to water (two understand water), chromium (5 minutes) - water (two understand water) - 100 degrees of drying 

Spraying process: the bait (aluminum hanging on the line) to grind the decontamination, spray paint to paint, varnish and curing (between 180 ℃ to 250 ℃ for 20 minutes or so) and quality inspection to the goods, with packaging film packaging 


1. The purpose of the pretreatment: before were sprayed aluminum alloy molding, plate, the surface should pass to oil decontamination and chemical treatment, to produce chromium film, surface coating and metal bonding force and anti-oxidation ability, is helpful to extend the lifespan of the paint film. Some aluminum parts banned spraying in this process in the corresponding part of the protective film or tape, spraying is completed in a timely manner torn off. 

2. Take the bait, different shapes of aluminum with corresponding hook to hang on the assembly line, due to the aluminum oven can hold three high specifications shall not be more than 6 m, 1.1 m, 2 m, so let's hang up according to the appropriate Angle, stability, and make it. Spray primer to be seen before the aluminum surface dirt, with sandpaper clean with a clean spray gun to blow. 

3. The spray primer: as a closed primer coating substrate, its role is to improve the penetration resistance of the coating, strengthen the protection of substrate, stable metal surface layer, strengthen paint and metal surface adhesion, can guarantee the color of the paint coating uniformity. 

4. Paint, coating, paint coating is one of the key layer, is needed to provide aluminum decorative color, make the aluminum appearance to meet the design requirements, and protect the metal surface is not affected by external environment, prevent the ultraviolet rays penetrate. Greatly enhance the capacity of anti-aging, paint coating is the most thick layer of a layer of paint spraying. 

5. Varnish: the main purpose is to more effectively enhance paint layer of the erosion resistance, protect the paint coating, increase the metallic paint color, look more colorful, brilliant. 

6. Curing processing: three times after spraying aluminum processing into curing furnace, curing temperature generally between 180 ℃ to 250 ℃, curing time is about 20 minutes 

7. Inspection: the quality inspection shall be in accordance with the inspection standards. Observe surface had scratches or miscellaneous spot, chromatic meter testing product color standard, and detecting paint layer thickness is up to standard. 

8. The hook: the hook with care will spray aluminum down from the hook, on the truck, lacquer face paint, the back to back, to prevent the spraying layer of scratches 

9. Packing: packing group of spraying good aluminum can be shipped to the specified location in bread packaging film will paint, on each corner on a piece of paper with adhesive plaster, piled up in the same lacquer face paint, the back to back, to prevent surface damage. 



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