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Jiangsu Qianzhap New Materials Co.,Ltd. In economic growth in the Yangtze River Delta,the company adjacent long deep,ofter collectively Expressway and Shanghai to speed, is a professional metal decoration materials design,production,installation of an integrated modern enterprise. The company gathered a large number in the aluminum curtain wall veneer,processing and con-struction of indoor and outdoor decorative aluminum technology elite and senior engineers, and has set the modern sheet metal processing equipment and spraying Ransburg of Japan's system for processing of sheet metal and pro-filed hyperboloid forming highly difficult techniques are quite successful model and rich experience in production.

"Technology-based,innovation as the source"as the company's values.

"Providing customers with zero defect products" as the fundamental business operations.

We will be positive spirit as the driving force, to sharp market judgment-oriented,sincere service as a fundamental, human-centered development, science-based management philosophy, practical problem solving customers as the goal. New and old customers to create a new win-win environment, a win the trust of the market, and jointly create a bright and glorious future.


Offer the best service to guide social trends become industry benchmarking feedback employees, shareholders, society, enterprise management idea and code of conduct:

Collaborative work:Sincere cooperation, fulfill their duties, lifelong learning and innovation

service:Keep promise, the customer is supreme, meticulous, casting brand

With the person:Create profit, realize self, healthy living and social returns

Excellence:Never satisfied, create classic, do fine and stronger, as good as it gets


We will with the positive enterprising spirit as the power, the keen market judgment oriented, sincere service as a fundamental, talent development as the center, scientific management on the basis of business philosophy, to solve practical problems as the goal of the clients. With the new and old customers to create a new win-win environment

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