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Aluminum honeycomb panel
Aluminum honeycomb panel

Aluminum honeycomb panel with honeycomb structure for the core layer of the honeycomb sandwich plate, its inspiration from the natural hexagonal honeycomb. Aluminum honeycomb panel made of aluminium alloy which is not only because of its unique structure in the same volume of other material quality the most light, and the stiffness and the overall stability is very good, also has the noise insulation performance. Aluminum alloy that is radioactive or volatile no harmful gases which do harm to human body health, can also be fully recycling reuse, save resources and energy, and reduced the pollution to the environment to the lowest level, which makes the aluminum honeycomb panel is one kind of energy saving, environmental protection, new materials of health. 



Aluminum honeycomb panel has the characteristics of many conventional materials do not have, mainly has the following several aspects: 

(1) the quality of light, density is small, honeycomb panel of the core layer is a typical porous structure, perforated continuous polygon are arranged in a periodic of rules, thus honeycomb plate entity of cross-sectional area is small, so the density of its relative to other sandwich materials are also small. As the density of honeycomb panel is far less than laminated plates, steel and other common plate, its quality also is the lightest volume being the same. With the quality of the aluminum honeycomb panel is only 9% of the volume of glass fiber reinforced plastic laminated plates, with 11% of the steel plate size, with 23% of the volume of aluminium alloy plate. This makes the aluminum honeycomb panel can save a lot of energy when it is applied in the plane. Low density light honeycomb panel is very good to satisfy the space engineering with aircraft and transport of materials "lightweight, energy conservation and environmental protection". 

(2) than high strength, good rigidity, from the Angle of mechanics analysis, the structure of honeycomb panel is similar to many h beam are connected together, panel similar to h-beam flange, main function under in-plane loading, which is similar to the honeycomb core web h-beam, its main function is under shear stress and the connection, support from top to bottom panel. But with the honeycomb core h beam web plate is different, it is not rare reinforced rather dense reinforcement, fixed core layer distribution throughout the panel, and the core layer height is larger than the thickness of the panel is very much, this makes the section moment of inertia is multiplied, in improving the overall stiffness of the overall stability also have risen sharply. 

(3) the impact resistance, good vibration damping buffer. Honeycomb panel surface outside, hit the impact can be converted to the plastic deformation of the honeycomb core can, so can effectively absorb the impact energy. Of aluminum honeycomb panel since falling ball impact experiments, observe the dent the crashed area, indentation depth, found that the impact site no crack, explain the toughness of the aluminum honeycomb panel is good impact resistance is stronger, can through own deformation to absorb most of the energy, the damping effect is good. 

(4) the heat insulation, sound insulation. Manufacturing honeycomb panel without heat insulation, sound insulation performance of material itself, such as aluminium are good conductors of heat and sound. But the unique structure of honeycomb panel, honeycomb panel heat insulation, sound insulation performance is good. Nest core is a kind of porous structure, perforated accounted for most of the space, to the specifications of the thickness of 0.1 mm aluminium foil is 51.96 x48.00 x12.20 mm aluminum honeycomb panel as an example, the entity part accounts for only 4% of the total volume. Composite honeycomb panels, honeycomb core and panel perforated as six prismatic sealed space, the air layer between the panels were points in many airtight perforated, to prevent the air flow, it is difficult for heat convection and radiation in the form of communication in this structure, in which sound waves have also been very limited, so the honeycomb panel has good heat insulation, sound insulation performance. 

(5) the fire prevention, moistureproof performance is good. Aluminum honeycomb panel panel and core layer are made of aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy is not flammable material, can have very good flame retardant fire prevention effect. In addition, aluminum alloy itself good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, resistance to moisture. 

(6) good formability, thickness is optional. The thickness of the aluminum honeycomb panel can choose according to actual needs in the 5-200 - mm, shape can be made according to the specific requirements or hyperbolic panel plate, single panel. Aluminum honeycomb panel not only good formability, and not easy to deformation after forming. 

(7) no pollution, energy conservation and environmental protection. Aluminum alloy is the material preparation of aluminum honeycomb panel, it is not radioactive, nor are any volatile harmful gases which do harm to human body health, also can be completely recycled, repeated use, save resources and energy, very accord with the requirement of energy conservation and environmental protection. In addition, the honeycomb panel by reducing the quality of the means of transport, while ensuring strength and improve the power performance, reduce fuel consumption, at the same time reduces the exhaust pollution in saving energy. 

(8) and beautiful, easy to clean. Aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum alloy panel can be used directly, also can through the surface coating layer to a variety of different color or pattern. 


Scope of application: 

Construction: (1) in the field of construction, aluminum honeycomb panel is often used to make the ceiling of the subway stations, shopping malls, conference room, also can be used as a high-rise building curtain wall and roof, also can be used as the screen of the bank, hotel, sound insulation board, portable mobile, etc. Aluminum honeycomb panel adornment effect is good not only, still can use the honeycomb panel vibration energy absorption characteristics, reduce casualties and property losses caused by the earthquake. 



(2) the space: because of the above advantages, aluminum honeycomb panel is widely used in aerospace, transportation, construction, military and other fields, used in the manufacture of the rocket's fairing, wings of the aircraft and the warehouse, the train of the bulkhead and floor, building, automobile skin and the doors of the ceiling and wall, etc. Honeycomb panel manufacturing wings and vertical tail and cockpit or cargo compartment floor, door plate, etc., effectively reduce aircraft weight, make the activity control sensitivity was improved. 


(3) the train, the high-speed train: bulkhead, control panels, roof racks, ceiling plate, au wash unit room, toilet, floor, away from the door and four at the vehicle interior trim panels can be used in a honeycomb panel manufacturing. Other front end, roof, guard board, the external components, such as the vehicle body can also use the honeycomb board materials. In addition, can use can shock absorption characteristics of honeycomb structure used as a protective device, such as the honeycomb panel installed on the high-speed train car, when the accident to protect the personal safety of conductor. 



The key project of national science and technology support plan in our country "high-speed wheel/rail rail introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation" subject research production is high strength, lightweight, energy absorption structure of aluminium alloy body and satisfy durability, fire prevention, damping noise reduction and environmental protection performance of vehicle interior decorative materials. The aluminum honeycomb panel is one of the board that can meet the above requirements. 

(4) the car: to save energy resources, reduce the fuel consumption is the main way to achieve light-duty vehicles, is the automotive lightweighting materials. According to a report by the world association of aluminium: motor vehicle weight per reduce 1%, can save fuel a 0.6% to 0.8%. Lightweight sandwich materials, especially the application of the honeycomb sandwich materials, will make the car lighter weight, better impact resistance, safe and comfortable performance get better guarantee, is one of the direction of the development of automobile industry materials. 

Most sandwich materials used in body skin, frame structure and body structure, bumpers, door, chairs, etc. 



(5) : ships with traditional materials, such as wood, metal, fiber reinforced composite plastic) manufacturing, compared to the structure and the structure of honeycomb sandwich materials of the quality of the corresponding components are 50% and 50% respectively. Can be used in the production of fast ferry bulkhead light mast, hull and rowing. Lighten the ship heavy, and improved the stability and flexibility of the ship. Domestic began to apply aluminum honeycomb panel on the ship. In order to reduce the body weight, simplify the structure, improve business efficiency, light-duty hull interior equipment is becoming more and more attention abroad, wall panels, ceiling, door plank, aluminum honeycomb composite board has achieved significant effect. This new technology has changed the technical performance of parts, prolong service life, reduce the maintenance work. At the same time, give a person with comfortable, beautiful degree to improve the ship chamber. 



(6) electronic whiteboard: the lagging material selection manufactured aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum honeycomb panel is the result of aerospace materials used in civil products technical high-end products, to ensure the products moistureproof, fire prevention, deformation, to ensure the service life of the product for more than 10 years. Pan is durable, strong plate resistance to blow, high wear-resistant coating manufacture special projection writing membrane or panel, scratch resistance, high brightness, high-definition, easy to clean, can use a whiteboard detergent or wet cloth to wipe) 

(7) : solar energy was positively hexagon hollow cylindrical perforated the honeycomb core, the parallel light transmittance can reach more than 97%, but for not parallel light, but keep out most with perforated wall panel is not vertical light, make it happen on the cellular wall in opaque multiple reflections, thus absorbed most of the incident light. Using honeycomb panel of this kind of light absorption performance, solar panels can be made into aluminium honeycomb sandwich structure. 


(8) printing bedplate, mechanical mesa: my company production of aluminum honeycomb panel due to its light weight, high strength, good flatness, the advantages of the thermal deformation can be applied to printing bedplate. To be printed bedplate and solve the problem of bedplate flat and bedplate of heated deformation, we made bedplate, aluminum honeycomb panel repeatedly improve the aluminum honeycomb panel production technology and carries on the test, after various exploration and experiment, we finally accomplished the bedplate printing production. Now my company produces the printing platen, thermal deformation, the bedplate surface flatness error can meet the demand of customer, can withstand the user field inspection. Besides bedplate is used for printing, also can be used for vibration control table, automatic drawing board, printing plate, dyeing and finishing plate, punch, framework, etc. 


(9) floor, foot pedals, non-slip aluminum honeycomb panel is non-slip aluminum alloy plate, the back and the aluminum honeycomb core material of hot pressing composite forming on the surface of the large metal composite board products, product specifications and diverse, the surface has five, three tendons, hands and so on many kinds of processing, can meet the application requirements of a variety of places. 


(10) furniture, household: for modern furniture industry, environmental protection is strict, to do with honeycomb panel furniture processing material, is a kind of very good material selection in the new century, the completely non-toxic green quality, let furnisher when processing furniture, less unnecessary environmental program; In addition, aluminum honeycomb panel board can be diverse according to the facts in the wood, aluminum, gypsum board, fire prevention board, MDF, natural marble stone material and so on, all can make honeycomb panel, material selection and convenient. 




Partition (11) : the emergence of aluminum honeycomb panel, broke the previous traditional partition model, with its noble, pure and fresh, stylish style, won the, high-grade office space in the share of the market. 

Aluminum honeycomb panel do partition performance has the following advantages: 

A. fire: aluminum plate as non-combustible material. 

B. corrosion resistance, aluminum honeycomb panel is epoxy treatment on the surface, strong corrosion resistance. Salt fog spray 48 hours no crack, no bubbles. 

C. : environmental protection products, pure aluminum honeycomb panel belongs to non-volatile any harmful gases, no radioactive and can be completely recycled, absolutely environmentally friendly products. 

D. aluminum honeycomb panel is easy to dismantle the assembly, and do not hurt bad plank. Due to its light weight, easy to transport solid can be shipped to a different place repeat use. This is the other partition board can't match with them. 


(12) elevator: aluminum honeycomb panel, honeycomb panel marble because of its heavy fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation, shockproof, strong, resistant to buffer, qualitative light, etc. Using it can greatly reduce the load of the lift, it is used for public goods elevator and the elevator is currently the most ideal material. 

Manufacturing process: 

Aluminum honeycomb panel products company was used for the uniform standard of preliminary roller high-grade aluminum alloy coil, combined with a variety of refined from production process. 

1, the coating technology 

(1) the original coating baking technology, to ensure the coating adhesion and color uniformity and saturation. 

(2) according to customer requirements to provide the color of the need, also can provide all kinds of special coatings. 

2, molding technology, 

(1) through a series of mold forming step by step, fully release stress within the sheet. 

(2) to protect the coating surface is not damaged, more durable. The processing size of the board of the entire production process to ensure high precision. 

(3) continuous hot composite production process efficient and quick. 

3, honeycomb composite technology 

(1) derived from the modern advanced science and technology achievements, lighter weight, higher but the strength of the plate. 

(2) the use of high temperature composite panel and hot pressing technology, to ensure the integrity of the plank, strength and smoothness. 


Install schematic diagram nodes and reference: 




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