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Square Plate Frame Of Smallpox
Square Plate Frame Of Smallpox

Square plate next frame smallpox Features

▲Shape : square, rectangle 

▲Material : AA and aluminum Thickness : 0.8mm ~ 1.2mm

▲Punching type : many models, a variety of patterns to provide choice

▲Manufacturing Process : Molding

▲Common Specifications : 600x600mm,600x1200mm.300x1200mm 

▲Acoustic : Germany soundtex non-woven, MRC0.65 ~ 0.8 

▲Surface treatment : Akzo Nobel electrostatic powder coating, coating thickness 0.06 ~ 0.1mm

▲Custom types : special sizes, punching type, surface color, supporting the installation can be customized on demand 

▲Installation System : Black tiled trough keel system, T word keel embedded systems

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