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Aluminum veneer construction technology
admin 2017-03-31 2603 time

Construction preparation 

(1) the design drawings and actual measured size, determine the installation position of aluminum veneer support frame. 

(2) according to the control axis, level elevation lines, pop-up aluminum veneer installation datum line (including vertical and horizontal axis 

Line and level line). 

(3) install the fixed frame of fittings. Skeleton bearing bar is fixed by fitting and structure, 

And fittings and structure, fixed by welding. 

(4) fixed skeleton skeleton, installation location accuracy, combining to solid. 2.2, the keel frame installation 


2, according to the aluminum veneer specifications, will be the location of the horizontal, vertical frame keel. High-rise building with theodolite calibration control for horizontal flat vertical. 

3, vertical frame on both sides of the keel position, according to the 450-500 - mm into the steel bolts fix its 50 x50x5mm galvanized Angle steel, accurately position. 

4, vertical frame keel is 50 x50x5mm galvanized Angle steel, vertical fixed Yu Gangjiao code framework keel full welding. Transverse frame fixed on the vertical keel keel L50x50x5mm Angle steel, plate transverse size is greater than 1500 mm, according to the vertical frame fixed keel fixed methods, requirements and firm. 

Keel after the installation, should notify supervision, the construction unit to take cover engineering acceptance record, qualified rear can into the construction of next working procedure. 

5, aluminum veneer connection and installation 

5.1, aluminum veneer of installation 

Will be processed aluminum veneer plate installation, specific installation method is: the aluminum sheet with M6 * 25 stainless steel bolts on the fixed Angle aluminum keel, the frame should be set aside 15 mm gap between two pieces of aluminum veneer. 2.3.2 weather resistance rubber injection 

(1) aluminum veneer component must be used after the installation weathering sealant caulking to ensure the air tightness and water tightness of the aluminum sheet curtain wall. 

(2) note glue should check before the production of rubber used producers, production date, certificate of approval, validity, etc., and make records. 

(3) to clean out before the construction, should note the glue area, should guarantee the inside seam without water, oil stain, dust and other sundry; When cleaning the available acetone as a cleaning agent. 



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