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Aluminum ceiling installation steps
admin 2017-03-27 1894 time

1, the construction technology 

Elastic line installed, derrick installation, main keel, deputy keel, bulging leveling, aluminum ceiling installation. 

2, the construction method, 

(1) according to the drawings on the wall, column first pop-up ceiling elevation level chalk line, draw on the roof ceiling layout, determine and compared with the original reserved derrick boom position welding, such as the original steel hanger position does not conform to or without reserve steel hanger, using M8 bolts fixed on the roof, derrick using phi 8 reinforced processing. 

(2) according to the condole top elevation installation of the keel, basic positioning adjustment after hanging copy flat under the skin of the arch since (note); Then determined according to specifications of the plate, small keel position, must be large and medium and small keel keel underside tiejin, installation application in vertical hanging clamp clamping, prevent slack. 

(3) the main keel spacing generally is 1000 mm, keel joint to stagger; The direction of the derrick will stagger, avoid the main keel tilt to one side. Using the bolt on the derrick adjusted, guarantee of arch degree, depending on the room size of the arch since 5-20 mm, room to 1/200, short stay levelness after adjusted the tighten nut individually, hole position should be big keel reinforcement. 

(4) pay attention to the type of work in the construction process between cooperate, to stay within the ceiling of the tuyere, lamps and lanterns, fire pipeline construction, and through a variety of test can be installed behind the panel. 

(5) aluminum plate installation: pay attention to the surface of the aluminum plate color, must comply with the design specification requirements, the geometric sizes of the aluminum plate for approval and deviation in the plus or minus 1 mm, when installation, pay attention to stitch size, after the installation of gently tear protective film to the surface. 

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