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Roller coating plate main characteristics
admin 2017-03-27 1357 time

1, high temperature resistant performance is good: aluminum melting point is 660 degrees, the average temperature to reach its melting point. 

2, environmental protection sex is strong, not easy to become yellow oxidation: adopt without flipping processing liquid, makes up the defect of the peritoneal board is easy to change color; Roller coating paint containing active chemical molecules, prompted the material surface to form a protective layer. Active chemical molecular stable easy to recycle, meet environmental requirements. 

3, corrosion resistance, because its surface has a heavy layer of oxide film, strong adhesion, oxidation resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, cowardice, uv irradiation, etc. Uniform fine colour and lustre is uniform, constant, its color. Soft is gorgeous, to avoid the traditional spraying of individual color difference phenomenon, no matter how the condole of large area, its colour colour and lustre is consistent, new, lasting constant GangRen combination, the plate strength is extremely high. 

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