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What is the advantage of box section aluminum ceiling
admin 2017-03-27 2278 time

Aluminum rectangular tube is commonly used in recent years people to specialize in and a kind of material, usually used to condole top, also is a kind of material which are frequently used in recent years people, below, we'll take a look at what is the advantage of the aluminum rectangular tube suspended ceiling? 

Aluminum rectangular tube with open vision, ventilation, air permeability, the neat lines and lively, distinct, reflected the modern style of simplicity and clear, simple and convenient installation disassembly, main products has become one of the popular decoration market. 

Aluminum rectangular tube can be mainly divided into aluminum plate aluminum box section and profile aluminum rectangular tube. 

Aluminum plate aluminum rectangular tube through continuous rolling or cold bending forming, the installation structure is special keel card buckle type structure, installation method similar to the ordinary bar gusset plate, simple and convenient, suitable for indoor decoration (keel can design wind card code). 

Aluminum side gm to take cover engineering of the crowded public places, to facilitate air circulation, exhaust, cooling at the same time, can make the light uniform distribution, make whole space is capacious and bright. Are widely used in metro, high-speed, station, airport, large shopping malls, channel, leisure places, public toilet, facades and other open Spaces. 

The surface of the aluminum rectangular tube processing mainly has the following kinds: coating, paint, roller coating and laminating. Spraying, short service life of the lacquer that bake, easy to appear off color, the service life of the roller coating center, can be divided into the ordinary film and film face plywood imports membrane, the service life of imported film basically can reach 20 years does not change color. 

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